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What is the UAX project?

The UAX project is an attempt to make available the information I have on the various types of GPO Unit Automatic telephone eXchanges. These were probably the most prolific strowger type exchange used in the UK until the onset of the modern digital exchange, but yet very little infomation is available about them. Over a period of years I have amassed a fair amount of offical documents which deal with these exchanges and the information is being presented here for all to see. A sort of a one stop shop, and a complementary site to Bob's Telephone file.


I have plenty of info (and a few exchanges of my own) and what better way of allowing people to access it? 

For latest updates check the About Us


This site is an exchange (no pun intended) of information site, and to that end I would like to thank the following people:

Jon Kay (for photos of his U12 and U13 exchanges, and also some of mine too), and also for scans of the U13 diagram notes.
Ron Sewell for scanning various large sized diagrams and converting the blue-print versions to black and white.
Ian Jolly for sending me the 1929 U5 advert, and the U5/U6 mdf scan.
Ian Stevens for taking the time to help with scanning all large diagrams.
Al Macdonald for pictures of his UAX13
Ian Lay for info on the New Zealand U13 racks.

Copyright AG 2006.

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