About the UAX  project

The UAX project is my personal attempt to try and get information of GPO Unit Automatic Exchanges available to all. I hope that in time it will be THE place to find information on these telephone exchange, in much the same way that Bob's Telephone File is the place to look for subscribers telephone equipment. I will be adding information to the pages as I can, so over a period of time the site will grow. If you have any information that you think will be of interest to me, so that I can add it to the site please feel free to email me.

 Site Updated: With:
13/3/2006 Site created
15/3/2006 Added pages for U1-4/8/9-11/12 added webcounter
17-30/3/2006 Various pages added, and all links tested, no more 'lost pages'
11/4/2006 Added more links to the links pages
12/4/2006 Re-arranged the tester 82 pages, and added the tester 82 drawing.
18/4/2006 Added Tester 82 and AT67 instructions, U5 relay adjustment cards.
19/4/2006 Added GEC UAX5 drawings and put the U5 section in own subdirectory, and added 1929 GEC U5 advert.
20/4/2006 Added U12 drawings.
24/4/2006 Added 16777/8/9/80 to U5 diagrams and sorted links on AT67 pages.
15/5/2006 Added yet more U5 diagrams.
17/5/2006 Added Max12 section, and completed the transfer to new file structure.
31/5/2006 Added new pages in uaxforms section
5/6/2006 Fixed broken links to photos! Added U6 section
14/6/06 Added U6 diagram page.
12/7/06 Added U7 section
17/7/06 Added U13 diagram page. Only EI's on here at the minute.
26/7/06 Added U13 diagram notes to the U13 diagram page.
4/9/06 After a server crash, the site has had to be rebuilt on a new server, so a couple of weeks have been spent doing this, and hopefully its all back now!
29/10/06 Have now upgraded to my second 100Mb of space and added some more drawings to the U7, U12 and U13 pages. 
13/11/06 Added pages in the U13 section.
11/12/06 New EI & TI page added.
31/1/07 Added U13 F unit photos.
19/03/07 Added U13 R unit and made the F unit pages accessable!
9/04/08 Added U13 M unit (and the first sound file!).  hopefully more updates soon!
16/04/08 Revised the U13 pages for links and added new photos etc. Added photos of Brockton U12 exchange in the U12 section, and added U13 course notes in the U13 diagram section.

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