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This is a little page that houses the general EI's and TI's that cover switch maintanance and other general information that would be used in UAX's.

MAI = Maintenance Adjustment Instruction
MRI= Maintenance Routine Instruction

Teles Auto:-

B5099   PO standard relay (red label)
B5101   PO Uniselector No 1 & system C MAI
B5111   PO Uniselector No 4 MAI
B5137   Lubrication of automatic switching mechanisms (all types, including clocks 44)
B5141   PO standard ratchet relay type 1 MAI
B5144   3000 type relay MAI 44
B5145   PO type 10 relay maintenance
B5151   PO standard 100 type Meter MAI 51
B5152   PO standard 3000 type relay switches (exchange type) MAI 52
B5153   PO 3000 type relays - thermal type MAI
B5154   PO type 600 relay maintenance MAI 54
B5156   Two-motion selector mechanism  2000type MAI 56
B5157   PO type 12 relay maintenance
B5160   Regenerator No 1 MAI
B5163   2000 type selector banks MAI 63
B5170   PO Uniselector N0 2 MAI
B5171   PO Uniselector No 3 MAI
B5173   Relay high speed 3/401 and 3/402 MAI
B5178   High speed relays 3/411 and 3/412 MAI 78
B5189   PO type 19 relay maintenance

Tests and inspections:-

R5116   Selector wipers and cords MRI R116
R5117   Cleaning of two-motion selectors and motor uniselector bank contacts MRI R117
R5131   Cleaning of selector and relay set covers and inspection of felt dust excludersMRI
R5151   2000 type selectors, overhaul MRI R151
R5172   Automatic exchanges lubrication and cleaning of mechanisms
R5204   Overhaul of PO Uniselector and preselector mechanisms MRI R204
R5212   Overhaul of PO Uniselector type 2 MRI R212

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